Testimonials from our new recruits are greatly appreciated here at Worldline Corporations.
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THE UPSIDE NEWS - Tania Nicholas


“Worldline Corporations is clever and expertly produced”

“The combination of the cold and almost robotic-like voice over with the electronic music score reminiscent of futuristic movie productions makes for a really unsettling, but immersive, art piece. It was easy to get lost in the film…”

“Amy McNickle and Steffie Yee have created something really immersive and moving with this film”


Tulpa Magazine - Cameron Lowe


2019 - Adelaide Fringe Review

“Worldline Corporations was an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience. I found its storytelling methods futuristic and innovative, all the while striking at my subconscious mind.”

“... the finale is definitely a conversation starter.”

“In contrast to other Fringe shows I have been to this year, Worldline Corporations is the strangest one yet.”


The Serenade Files - Jenifer Trijo


2019 - Adelaide Fringe Review

”The animations by Steffie Yee were a clever aspect of the time travel recruitment concept and Amy McNickle’s score was ambient, tasteful, and set a good tone throughout.”

”The script was witty and Yee’s opening animation elicited the subtle humour in McNickle’s writing.”

“This production is recommended to sci-fi lovers with an interest in existentialism and original music.”


Radio Adelaide - Interview with Mark Tripodi

Our CEO Amy McNickle spoke to Mark Tripodi from Radio Adelaide while we were recruiting at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe.
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