The time travel experts



Worldline Corporations was established in 2015 by a small group of scientists and artists lead by Judith Simmons. Since then, Worldline has grown exponentially, and is the sole researcher of Time Travel and its implications for humankind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our vision is to enable humanity's endeavours to reach new heights and further our abilities as a species to conquer the next frontier - not just space, but space and time.




Simmons graduated with a Masters in Quantum Physics from The University of Cambridge in 1988. Following 4 years working in the NASA Astronaut Corps, Simmons moved to Australia to focus her research on unique magnetic fields found only in the Southern Hemisphere, and their effect on our ability to warp the fabric of space and time. These fields are now known as Simmons Vectors.

In 2009, leading a successful team of scientific researchers, Simmons was able to harness the ability of these vectors, thus making time travel possible. Following this, several artists, historians, and sociologists were employed to work alongside the already established team to help determine what this discovery truly meant for humankind. After years of confidential research, Worldline Corporations was founded in 2015 and began utilising time travel to benefit humanity. Now in it’s third year, Worldline is turning to the general public for recruits and input. Simmons believes that this is only the beginning of a long and profitable future for the human race.


Due to confidentiality, specific identities involved in our scientific division cannot be divulged. All our staff have a minimum Masters level qualification in their relevant field. If you are interested in becoming a member of our scientific division, please keep an eye out for vacancies in the ‘careers’ section of our website, or email us at


McNickle has a varied background in the Arts, Mathematics and Humanities. Having previously been the Senior Manager at ‘Sigmond Inc. - Memory Recovery Solutions’, she has a keen interest in the intersection of empathy, technology and human advancement. McNickle has been with Worldline since it’s inception in 2015, and has helped grow the company exponentially.


Yee joined Worldline Corporations in 2018, bringing with her experience in marketing, content creation and an in-depth understanding of the human condition. She is responsible for company branding and visual content.